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Flags Hardwares

Flags Hardwares

Indoor-outdoor hardware - Mast - Floor supports - Ornaments - Cords and pom poms - Military accessories. For more information, contact us Flags Collection Flags offers a wide range of poles and hardware. There are many sizes of flagpoles and hardware accessories that you can use to display your flag or banner with pride. We have a full line of flag accessories, from ornamental items to solar lights and rotating rings.

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Flag Spreader


Display your flag and its logo in a visible way to better spread your brand image. The spreader is used to display your flag logo well. Fits 1" or 1-1/4" diameter pole. It is especially necessary to spread the support well to facilitate attachment to the post behind the flag. Then place the arms and attach the clips to the back of the flag.

Price $ 41.65
7 to 10 days

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